1^    What size clothing do you wear?

        I wear everything from size 12-18  depending on the shop I go into.
I dress for a curvier shape ( or what some might call a black bootaaaay!).

2^ What would you label your clothing style as?

In all honesty even I can’t answer that.. I’m not particularly the girly type but I love everything from vintage, alternative to the downright weird. Depending on my mood ( or whether I can be arsed with people giving me weird looks all day..) I can range from wearing the most colorful out there tie dyed jacket or tone it down with a more subdued outfit. I’m not scared to roam the streets in mens clothing either, I have been known to sport a mans baggy t-shirt or jumper regularly.

3^ What are your favourite trends?

Anything with studs, spikes, tie dyes, bright patterns and leather I am automatically drawn to! however I do change it up occasionally.

4^ where do you get your inspiration from?

I spend hours upon hours procrastinating on websites like Polyvore, Tumblr, Instagram, We heart it amongst many others. Most of the time I come across items of clothing or images that inspire me and from that I try and create a look from it.

5^ where can we follow you?

All my links are in the sidebar 🙂 check them out!

6^ what are you favourite online shops?

I literally have tons.. the ones I use the most would be topshop ( and topman!), asos and yayer. Each week I’ll be posting a review of a different online shop that I like as well as my favourite items from their collections so stay tuned to find out more!


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