Over the years I’ve come to realise that I spend far too many hours of my time, surfing the good ol’ web oohing and aahing at every online shop i can find. I also tend to make wishlists of everything I want so as you can imagine these have accumulated rather dramatically over the last couple of years. But hey! now that I have a fashion blog, I deem it as acceptable to post my wishlists on here to show you guys what I’ll be buying within the next month and label it as “research”.

So here it is, my first beautiful ( and probably unrealistic) monthly wishlist. ( Sorry it’s rather lengthy).

Screen shot 2013-06-06 at 15.58.45

1- Cosmic boyfriend shirt £36,  ASOS.

2- Dungarees £48,  ASOS.

3- Mini dress £45,  ASOS.

4- Peep toe shoes £45,  ASOS.

5- Lace up oxford’s £90,  Wasteland. ( SO beautiful! )

I noticed this gorgeous shirt in the ASOS magazine and I have been waiting ever so patiently for it to appear on the website. It’s perfect for summer and the tie dye/ cosmic trend is very in right now. I’ve been wanting a pair of dungarees for a while now and these are pretty near perfect. They can be dressed down as well as being dressed up, I’ll definately be wearing these over summer! I’m not really a dress and frills kind of girl but with Summer making an appearance I’ll be needing one for nights out and this one is beautiful. It’s in a colour and print that are very in right now and the shape is very flattering for us girls who nip in at the waist as this dress cinches in to show off our curves. Right,  I know these shoes are quite similiar but i do have a slight obsessed for odd looking lace up shoes, and you can’t really have too many of the same style of shoes in different colours to where with a variety of outfits, or I think so anyway… but hey, I’m biased.

Screen shot 2013-06-06 at 16.39.03

6- Camo t-shirt £16,  Beyond Retro.

7- Tube pants £35,  River Island.

8- Grunge jumper £20,  Topshop.

9- Spike necklace £15,  Topman.

10- Spike hand chain £5,  PrettyLittleThing.

11- Comic t-shirt £15,  River Island.

12- Rainbow necklace £10,  Yayer.

13- Fringe backpack £45,  ASOS.

14- sequin bumbag £28,  ASOS.

I am in love with this vintage camouflage t-shirt from Beyond Retro. Camouflage is making a comeback in fashion and while I already have a number of camo t-shirts, I need this one in my collection. It’s oversized so I will probably wear it with leggings of some sort and my black doc martens to finish off the outfit. I have to mention the grunge jumper from Topshop.. it’s actually a maternity jumper but there’s no harm in shopping from this section and don’t feel embarrassed either! I’ve done it so many times over the years that the shop assistants probably think I’m popping out a baby every year! But the clothing in this section tends to be looser if you like that look (which I do) and sometimes tends to be nicer than the actual clothing in Topshop itself. I want these tube pants because I have some disco pants and they are so versatile and comfy that I really want to get another pair in a different colour, so I opted for a light wash denim. Perfect for summer and can be easily dressed up or down. Now, i’m sure some of you will be looking at the sequin bumbag with sheer horror but I actually love it, it’s perfect for fitting in with the shiny trend that’s circulating at the moment and is an essential for festivals as it’s less dangerous than carrying a bag around, no one wants to be down money or a phone when they get home!

Would love to know what you guys think about my wishlist! Don’t be shy and leave a comment 🙂

Peace out xo