After hours upon hours of my time spent strenuously looking for jobs, I’ve decided to procrastinate by creating a work wardrobe and how to incorporate fashion into the workplace. While suits seem to be the “way forward”, the thought of having to wear a dreary charcoal grey suit to work everyday makes this job search all the more tedious. Now, before I go any further I just want to say that I have nothing against suits as such..  in my personal opinion there are just far more interesting things to wear to work that still make you look professional as well as fashionable. Unless of course.. you are Don Cherry or Craig Sager who give me that glimpse of hope that you can look dang cool in a suit..


Don Cherry


Craig Sager

Obviously if you aren’t them, what you can get away with depends mostly on the kind of job you’re doing. If you’re a tree surgeon, a pro wrestler or something along those lines suits are going to be the least of your worries, so this post is more for people in office or fashion roles.

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 18.17.31

Skinny twill trousers, ASOS. £15
Grey t-shirt, Monki. £6.80
Black blazer, Wallis. £34
Brogues, Harvey Nichols. £395
Necklace, Amrita Singh. £39
Neon clutch, Nastygal. £32

A timeless black blazer and skinny twill trousers can be effortlessly jazzed up with hints of colours in the form of  accessories. I’ve paired them with a slinky grey t-shirt as these two colours together are appropriate for the workplace and no one will even notice you are wearing a t-shirt if you pair it right. I’ve opted for fluorescent yellow accessories, right on trend and whilst I know it’s not the most work friendly colour, if you use it in small bursts it can give your outfit a twist without going overboard. Brogues are perfect for work outfits if like me you’re not into the whole stiletto heels look. Smart and practical as well as being a key fashion piece.


Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 18.18.11

Tie dye jumper, Objectci. £41
Sleeveless white shirt, Coggles. £98
Leather pencil skirt, Boutique1. £785
Cut out oxford, Nastygal. £84
Neon box clutch, Juicy Couture. £49
Collar tips, Boohoo. £3

While once again incorporating a key colour this summer, the neon plastic clutch contrasts perfectly against the muted tie dye jumper, fitting in with all the popular trends this summer. Leather has made a mammoth comeback in fashion and is not just for jackets anymore, a leather skirt is perfectly acceptable for the office if you pair it with the right attire. I’ve coupled it with a crisp white shirt, an on trend jumper and collar tips as the only accessory. This outfit is edgy as well as being just the right amount of demure for a work outfit.

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 18.17.42

White shirt, John Lewis. £100
Black blazer, Wallis. £34
Twill trousers, ASOS. £15
Croc brogues, Kirnazabete. £195
Satchel, GAP. £110
Collar tips, Topman. £10

This outfit looks a lot like the outfits I wear on a daily basis but actually fits in quite well as an office outfit. Once again a simple black blazer and black twill trousers give you a professional look with the white shirt, and is a favourite amongst office wardrobes. However, I’ve given it a bit of a more fashionable finish by pairing it with ram head collar tips ( a tad odd i know but so gorgeous) and crocodile effect brogues. Satchels are perfect for work wear as well as being very fashionable at the moment. This is a perfect outfit to wear if you want to change up the daily routine of wearing a suit.

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 18.18.00

Knit jumper, Topshop. £29
Pencil skirt, H&M. £15
Wedge boots, Jil Sander. £570
Cross necklace, Topshop. £12
Orange lipstick, Anna Sui. £19

While bold prints don’t work in every workplace, if you want to add a bit of colour into your work wardrobe a printed pencil skirt is the best way to do it. Paired with an oversized black jumper and a statement have yourself a pretty nice ( and trendy) little outfit. Whilst wearing heels isn’t my ideal choice of footwear, these black wedge boots go perfectly with the outfit.


And there we have it, what do you guys like to wear to work? Comment and let me know! 🙂


Peace out xo


So, today after spending a long while thinking about it, I made the executive decision to create a twitter!

Now for about a year I’ve been umming and aahing about making one, however I have doubts as to whether I am both funny and interesting enough to be part of the twitter craze. With that being said, and while I’ve probably not sold myself to you well at all.. I would like to invite you all to follow me on twitter and vice versa!

I will do my best to tweet frequently and humorously, however I cannot promise that you will all understand my sense of humour.

I’ve spent countless hours trying to decide whether creating a fashion blog was really for me, but after trawling the internet trying to find like-minded girls who were blogging, I found there wasn’t all that many plus size blogs that were of interest to a grungy more alternative palette like mine.
I also think that my family members and friends are starting to get majorly bored of me blagging on to them about fashion related subjects that frankly they don’t really give a crap about. Badtimes. But on the upside this has made me conjure up the preconceived fears I had of writing a blog fade into the distance.

so this is how it starts..

My main interests for this blog will be shopping reviews, my style, DIY’s with random crap I find around my house, my life as well as various projects that im working on here and there. I also want to create looks based on trends to help similiar plus size girls who have trouble embracing their size and bodyshapes.

I also aim to find cheaper similar versions of some of higher priced items that some of us can’t afford. As my main man Gok Wan would say ” i’m gonna show you how to get a high fashion look with only a high street budget”.

Wish me luck!

Peace out homies xo