It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the Fran household and I’ll agree that my blog has suffered somewhat while I’ve been preoccupied but we’re back, so to celebrate this joyous occasion I have decided to do a review on an online shop called “Pret a Portobello”.

Now, most of you will be familiar with the London market scene, but if you aren’t..I’ll do a bit of explaining first. London has a very eclectic and interesting market scene that has earned it’s place as one of the most recognized market cities in the world. One of these markets is Portobello.At Portobello you can buy almost anything.. from a vintage pearl necklace to an edgy new handbag, it really is a pretty funky place to pick up a one off item.

This is where “Pret a Portobello” comes in, It’s basically the mother of all online shops containing various stalls and brands that can be found on the market strip, but it’s an online shopping experience with a difference. To keep the theme alive, Pret a portobello has introduced a “haggle” button. So if you want to experience the world of market street haggling but don’t fancy travelling all the way up to London to do it, have a go on here!

Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 13.27.33Haggling in it’s most simplest term involves using your cheek and bargaining skills to get an item down to a more acceptable price, this is an important skill because traders enjoying conning people and are damn good at it too! I can’t tell you the number of times I have walked away thinking I owned that sale only to find that I had been conned out of a tenner. With that being said if you can master the art of haggling it will save you a few pounds.

Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 13.47.28

1. Brown leather satchel, £50.
2. Black fedora hat, £30.
3. Aztec print satchel, £45.
4. Vintage print jumper, £20.
5. Colourful box clutches, £21.

While there isn’t a huge variety of clothing on this website, their accessories are good quality items on the cheap. These box clutches are a perfect twist on the usual clutch trend and come in a wide range of colours, I have my eye on the yellow and mint coloured ones in particular. They stock both new and vintage clothing and despite the current heatwave (urgh!) this vintage jumper is a bargain for £20. Fedoras and trilby hats are still a staple item in anyone’s wardrobes and while my giant head doesn’t  fit in the ” one size fits all” category, I might add this black fedora to my hat collection as they come in a variety of sizes, Hallelujah!

Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 13.33.33

6. Pleated maxi dress, £65.
7. Deco sweater, £20.
8. Leather detail tee, £15.
9. Florescent necklace, £20.
10. Print joggers, £28.
11. Mac coat inserts, £1.
12. Mac coat in see through, £49.

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m not one to wear dresses however I am loving the maxi dress trend at the moment and I have been searching for one that isn’t black to add to my collection. I like this one in particular because it oozes elegance and I haven’t seen many like in the high street shops. These aztec joggers are stunning and can be worn in a variety of ways. They also tick the boxes for the aztec and florescent trends. Whilst I’m aware that festival season is coming to a close, I had to share this see through mac with you all, not only is it right on trend at the moment but it’s pocket images can be changed, so if you were wondering what those inserts were for, there you go! I love these inserts because they add a touch of humour to the coat as well as being incredibly trendy and different.

So what do you guys think? Is the haggle feature a good idea or unneeded effort?

Peace out xo



So this week I’ve been in a manic frenzy trying to apply to every job under the sun, having unsuccessful interviews and I found out that I passed university with a grade that even my parents are relatively pleased with..result!

However this means that I’ve been slacking on my blog posts this week, so I thought I’d do a shop review for those fortunate enough to have money to burn, which I categorically do not.

So the shop I’ve decided to tell you guys about today is another quirky shop called Choies                  ( odd name i know),  which is an online shop that ships all over the world. It has quite an eclectic edgy style about it and has pages upon pages of clothes for you to look through.


Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 15.37.25

1- Grey t-shirt £38
2- Flash jumper £29
3- Pacman denim £54
4- Embroidered jumper £45
5- Cowboy sweatshirt £37
6- Stud should cardigan £49

With a huge variety of colourful and out there prints along with more classy clothing, Choies is another alternative online shop for those of you who like to have things that you don’t see everyday. The pacman denim jacket is a perfect way to give the denim trend a bit of personality and has an added bit of stud detailing on the collar which as you guys know is another ongoing trend at the moment. As much as I love the wild prints I have to admit, one of my favourite things on the website is the embroidered jumper above. It’s classy as well as having an extra bit of edge and really gives a different twist to the sweatshirt/sporty trend. The only downside with the tops and jackets on this website is that they aren’t very generous in terms of sizing. Some items come in larger sizes but some are restricted to an under 40 inch bust which isn’t at all ideal. The fact that you can’t use sizing as a search option isn’t brilliant as it means you literally have to go through every page of clothing until you find something you like and even then they might not have your size, but if you have the time to go through the website then i would do it cause you might find something you love as I have with the pieces above.

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 15.37.07

7- Cut out boots £81
8- Winged sandals £56
9- Pink lace ups £65
10- Transparent clutch £30
11- Cut out leather shoes £60
12- Boy t-shirt £18
13- Stud platform sandals £55
14- Leopard contrast sneakers £89

If like me you love odd looking shoes, Choies is without a doubt the place to go for them. They have a huge selection of boots, platforms, sneakers and sandals that come in a variety of pretty shoes and more odd looking ones. If you are looking for a pair of Jeffrey Campbell esque cut out boots and the thought of paying a couple of hundred makes you want to cry, then these cut out boots are a good alternative for you. At £81 the price is still cry worthy but it can be justified a bit more then a couple hundred. The winged sandals are so cute, I tend not to like sandals cause I have massive feet and they make you look odd but I’ve been wanting this pair for ages. Gladiator sandals will always be a summer essential but they’ve never really done anything for me personally, so these will be a perfect twist on a never ending trend. Now yes.. I know many of you will look at those leopard print sneakers with pure disgust but I think they are absolutely gorgeous. Yellow is very in fashion right now and animal print is making a come back and while I won’t wear it loud and proud on any other part of me, these shoes are ideal for an embracing a trend you’re not sure you want to take part in.

I’ll let you know what shipping etc is like when i make my first order.

Any comments?

Peace xo

Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 12.13.14

1- Wooden deco necklace, £10.

2-Tie dye t-shirt, £20.

3- Denim sleeveless blouse, £20.

4- Western applique jacket, £45.

5- Floral blouse, £20.

6- Patterned jumper, £26.25.

7- Basketball vest, £25.

8- Multicoloured patterned jacket, £26.25.

Rokit has to be one of my favourite online vintage shops, it sells everything from unique accessories and clothing to funky homewares. If you are looking for one off statement pieces I definitely recommend having a browse on their website. They have undoubtedly cool items up for grabs and if you have the confidence to wear something as bright and out their as the pieces above then go for it!

Unlike a lot of online and boutique vintage shops, Rokit sells clothing that come in diverse sizes and is one of the few that sells vintage clothing for curvier shapes. I remember when I first found this website and I thought it was too good to be true, so I made my first purchase and couldn’t of been happier. The delivery time was as advertised and I was surprised with the service considering you are buying vintage clothing you would of thought it would of been more of a hassle due to them only having a couple or one of each item.

The only downfall is that you have to know exactly what size you are as the sizing can be a little awkward so get a measuring tape out and measure your bust, waist and hips to ensure that you order something that fits the way you want it to, I’ve learnt this the hard way with past purchases.

The above pieces are my favourite items from their current stock and I want every one of them! The western jacket is pretty out there but I can’t wait to order it and have it as my own, I mean come on you guys look at the back! ( don’t judge me, I’m aware it has cacti on it..)


The vintage basketball top is perfect for this summer as it fits in with the “sports lux” trend that is circulating at the moment, and the fact that it’s a bit worn and vintage gives the sports trend a different edge.

The same goes with the tie dye tshirt and the bomber jacket, patterns patterns patterns, seems to be the word for this summer’s trends.

Would love to know what you think about Rokit, enjoy guys!

peace xo

Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 17.17.04

Pharaoh leggings- £17.45
Pastel green backpack- £24.84
Necklace- £6.71
Bohemian jacket- £31.89
Tie dye sleeveless blouse- £16.11
Bart simpson denim- £22.15
Beaded velvet top- £34.23

If like me you love nothing more than shopping for statement pieces, I’d definitely point you in the direction of the online shopping store – Romwe.
Despite never actually taking the plunge and buying something off of this website, for months I have been ooing and aahing at the extensive list of colourful dresses, printed leggings and gorgeous shirts.
The only downfalls I could possibly comment on is that it is an overseas shop so I can imagine the shipping could potentially be tricky, but I’m hoping to buy something from this website soon, so I shall write a review once that day comes to let you know whether it was tedious or not! The sizing can be awkward to figure out whether you would fit in the items or not, so some pieces you like may be hit and miss if they don’t have your size.
The prices in terms of what you get for your money will also have to be determined when i place an order. However from what I can see you are paying for quality here as each item seems to be well made. For the most part everything on this website is under £50 which is pretty decent when compared to places like Topshop that would probably charge much more for some of the items.
The above items are my favorite pieces that are in stock at the moment.
The muted tie dye blouse is perfect for summer and the mix of tie dye and chiffon is very on trend this summer.
The chain necklace gives a more edgy feel to an ordinary gold chain. The added black piece makes it a more versatile piece of jewellery.
The bart simpson denim shirt is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen and is definitely at the top of my wishlist at the moment. I think to wear it you will definitely have to have some lady balls though… doesn’t look like the type of shirt you see everyday but i will be rocking it this summer no doubt!
The colorful cardigan/jacket is another coveted item in my wishlist at the moment, the colors mean that it could be worn with a variety of items and the slouchy oversize fit is on trend at the moment.
The beaded velvet top at the bottom is perfect for evening wear, it would look perfect with some disco pants or a skirt and is a statement piece that I want to add to my wardrobe!
I’ve seen a lot of people trying out the backpack trend at the moment, and while I admit i have a fair few in my collection right now, this pastel green colour is on trend and perfect for summer.

Like I said earlier on in my post, I will write another review once I have received my order to let you know whether it is worth shopping from here.

Happy browsing and enjoy!