Shoplight- Choies

So this week I’ve been in a manic frenzy trying to apply to every job under the sun, having unsuccessful interviews and I found out that I passed university with a grade that even my parents are relatively pleased with..result!

However this means that I’ve been slacking on my blog posts this week, so I thought I’d do a shop review for those fortunate enough to have money to burn, which I categorically do not.

So the shop I’ve decided to tell you guys about today is another quirky shop called Choies                  ( odd name i know),  which is an online shop that ships all over the world. It has quite an eclectic edgy style about it and has pages upon pages of clothes for you to look through.


Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 15.37.25

1- Grey t-shirt £38
2- Flash jumper £29
3- Pacman denim £54
4- Embroidered jumper £45
5- Cowboy sweatshirt £37
6- Stud should cardigan £49

With a huge variety of colourful and out there prints along with more classy clothing, Choies is another alternative online shop for those of you who like to have things that you don’t see everyday. The pacman denim jacket is a perfect way to give the denim trend a bit of personality and has an added bit of stud detailing on the collar which as you guys know is another ongoing trend at the moment. As much as I love the wild prints I have to admit, one of my favourite things on the website is the embroidered jumper above. It’s classy as well as having an extra bit of edge and really gives a different twist to the sweatshirt/sporty trend. The only downside with the tops and jackets on this website is that they aren’t very generous in terms of sizing. Some items come in larger sizes but some are restricted to an under 40 inch bust which isn’t at all ideal. The fact that you can’t use sizing as a search option isn’t brilliant as it means you literally have to go through every page of clothing until you find something you like and even then they might not have your size, but if you have the time to go through the website then i would do it cause you might find something you love as I have with the pieces above.

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 15.37.07

7- Cut out boots £81
8- Winged sandals £56
9- Pink lace ups £65
10- Transparent clutch £30
11- Cut out leather shoes £60
12- Boy t-shirt £18
13- Stud platform sandals £55
14- Leopard contrast sneakers £89

If like me you love odd looking shoes, Choies is without a doubt the place to go for them. They have a huge selection of boots, platforms, sneakers and sandals that come in a variety of pretty shoes and more odd looking ones. If you are looking for a pair of Jeffrey Campbell esque cut out boots and the thought of paying a couple of hundred makes you want to cry, then these cut out boots are a good alternative for you. At £81 the price is still cry worthy but it can be justified a bit more then a couple hundred. The winged sandals are so cute, I tend not to like sandals cause I have massive feet and they make you look odd but I’ve been wanting this pair for ages. Gladiator sandals will always be a summer essential but they’ve never really done anything for me personally, so these will be a perfect twist on a never ending trend. Now yes.. I know many of you will look at those leopard print sneakers with pure disgust but I think they are absolutely gorgeous. Yellow is very in fashion right now and animal print is making a come back and while I won’t wear it loud and proud on any other part of me, these shoes are ideal for an embracing a trend you’re not sure you want to take part in.

I’ll let you know what shipping etc is like when i make my first order.

Any comments?

Peace xo

  1. I like numbers 6, 9, and 13 best (I have a never ending love for studs and things that are pink without looking overly girly). I understand you on frustration with website’s sizing options (I thought I was going to shop Brandy Melville once, only to discover that most of their items are ‘one size fits all’ so I was expected to screen the measurements of their clothes to see if any of them matched up with my own personal ones).
    P.S. Congrats on passing university! 🙂

    • Urgh that’s the worst when they do that! H hate one size fits all cause it definitely does not fit all sizes! especially when it’s a piece of clothing you really love and you can’t have it haha such a kick to the face!
      thanks! can’t believe I’ve actually finished university I need to start growing up now 😛

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