Embracing the festive spirit.

With festival season upon us, I’m sure the majority of you will be gracing these mud pits while I sit at home and contemplate why God ever gave me this hideous hay fever.. but I’m not envious or anything, honest!

This year, the festival season promises to be a good one, and with the likes of Eminem and Beyonce performing who can disagree? I unfortunately will not be one of you lucky people going, but I thought I would share with you, what I consider to be this summer’s festival essentials.

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 14.43.08








Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 15.09.15Green boots, £90.  Hunter USA
Art deco flatforms, £39.  ModCloth
Jelly Sandals, £11.34.  Debenhams
Bow Wellies, £87.  Farfetch
Dr. Martens, £90.  Motelrocks
Jeffrey Campbell, £80.  Office
Pink jelly boots, £18.  Blue banana
Clear jelly boots, £30.  USC

Depending on the festival you’re heading to.. the style of shoes you wear, should be based on the amount of mud you’ll be wading through( in some cases this can be a lot!). While I agree that wellies aren’t the most attractive things under the sun, they are by far the most practical so don’t feel stupid about packing a pair because I assure you, you won’t be alone. However if you’re anything like me and the thought of walking around in hideously bland wellingtons makes you cringe, then never fear. These days you can buy wellies in pretty much every pattern and colour you can think of, some even have little features like the adorable bow detailed wellington boots above.

If you are still looking for other options Dr. Martens are pretty near perfect for festivals. They are made of strong leather so are very durable and if you’re a little worried about getting them wet, they sell waterproof sprays pretty much anywhere and it can be a little lifesaver when you need it to be. You could even spray it on the bottom of your new jeans or trousers to stop the colour from running onto your shoes!

Now I have to mention that sandals aren’t very useful for festivals, but if the weather is on your side and there’s no hideous rain coming for you, then go for it! These Jeffrey Campbell spiked sandals are gorgeous and despite being a little on the expensive side, you won’t ever regret buying them.

These jelly Dr. marten inspired boots are the pinnacle of festival footwear, and if you think you can brave them then go for it. Stylish, Unique and a nice change to the usual docs if that’s the route you’re planning on going down. They are also perfect for pairing with a funky pair of socks. And who can disagree with Dr Marten style boots for this price, really?

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 15.09.04Clear bag, £50.  American Apparel
Dip dye denim, £42.  Topshop
Sequin bumbag, £28.  Asos
Jansport bag, £35.  Urban Outfitters
Aztec bag, £48.  Urban Outfitters
Aztec bumbag, £20.  Urban Outfitters
Fringe bumbag, £28.  Urban Outfitters

While trying to keep a suitable balance between practicality and looking good. Choosing a bag to take can be one of the hardest decisions. It makes me cringe when people walk around festivals with their best designer handbags cause the likelihood of them getting dirty or broken is pretty high. With that being said the bags above are all ideal candidates for heading to your chosen festival. Backpacks for a number of reasons are obviously the main choice of bags for festivals. Whilst being durable, they are also easy to clean when you get home so spend the extra money on finding a pattern you like because you don’t just have to get one for going to a festival! i have so many of them and use them on a daily basis for being more practical then a shoulder bag.

Whilst most of you will probably look at the bumbags and shudder at the thought of being mistaken for a tourist,they are slowly creeping into the fashion limelight. However there are so many more styles available that some are actually quite funky. I’ve chosen some above that I think would be perfect for whichever festival you choose to go to. Another plus is that your valuables can be in your sight at all times so you don’t need to worry about coming home out of pocket or a phone down! Amen for the bumbags.

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 15.09.45Fringe top, £33.  All Saints
Leather Jacket, £45.  ASOS
Vintage shorts, £22.  Rokit
Bow detail wellies, £87.  Farfetch
Straw clutch, £18.  GAP
Cross Necklace, £80.  Notjustalabel
Rounded sunglasses, £23.  Topshop

Fringing is set to be one of the biggest trends in festival fashion. I for one am not really it’s biggest fan as I don’t really find it flattering on me or others, but with this being said I have managed to create an outfit with the fringing trend intact that I would actually wear, hurrah! This All saints t-shirt is perfect for those who don’t fancy walking around in fringed dresses or those odd looking fringed shorts, but still want to be part of the trend. I decided to pair it with a classic leather jacket, a vintage pair of shorts and those cute bow detailed wellies from the image above! This outfit is perfect for Glastonbury as long as the weather doesn’t take an evil turn.

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 15.09.55Dungarees, £65.  Ragged Priest
Jelly boots, £18,  Blue banana
Stud bracelet, £16.  Topshop
Ray-ban’s, £175.  Mytheresa
Green beanie, £12.  Zappos
Tie dye t-shirt, £22.  Etsie
Backpack, £27.  American Apparel

This has to be one my favourite outfit’s ever. Think of the 90’s and The Fresh Prince Of Bel air and this outfit is revived. Dungarees are a statement piece in summer fashion this year and while I’ve written a post with them in quite recently I had to use them in an outfit. This particular one is from the ragged priest which is a clothing brand that specializes in taking vintage articles of clothing and transforming them into customized pieces of new clothing. sad news though.. they only go up to a size 14 on their redesigned clothing, so I’m only just within their sizing boundaries. Paired with a vintage tie dye t-shirt from Etsie and those awesome pink jelly boots, this outfit isn’t one for someone who doesn’t want to be looked at, but if you can brave it then give it a go! Due to the fact that this outfit is already pretty crazy I’ve paired it with a darker green hat and matching backpack so that it isn’t overpowered.. no one wants to look like a pack of liquorice all sorts..

So there we have it, would love to hear what you guys think about the essentials and the outfits! Happy festival season!

Peace out xo

  1. Great options! Loving all the colorful knapsacks this season. Great carry-all! ❤

  2. great post hun, I’m not a very ‘festival’ person but you have definitely include all the essentials!
    big hugs honey!! ❤ #giglove

  3. Alia said:

    Always good to have lots of options for festival season!

  4. Awesome style suggestions you got there! ❤ I'm diggin the GlastoFashion set =)

  5. Natalie said:

    The Leedsfest outfits looks super cool! (:


  6. Love the selection per fest season hun! I’ve never been to either one to be honest, I can only imagine that it would be awesome. I, however, went to this beer fest with my co workers one and it was a riot LOL. Lots of beer tasting as you can imagine and fun! x

  7. Emma said:

    I TOTALLY agree with your essentials; great choices!! I adore those ankle-high black wellies with the bows; so cute!

  8. Porshia said:

    great options! love your suggestions.. n the leedsfest outfit looks amazingly cool!
    ❤ #GIG

  9. It is always better to provide yourself with a checklist especially for a festival fashion 🙂

  10. Glasto fashion is a superb collage. Wish I was going to a festival, they are so much fun.

  11. i am all for the leedsfest and glasto fashion looks!!! totally my style! ^.^

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