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Gone are the days when you would get stared at in the streets for wearing sportswear in public. Not good stares either but stares of “what is she wearing, really?”, and no one likes those kinds of stares.Despite this, after researching the trends of summer 2013, it’s becoming apparent that sportswear really is making a comeback in a big way and because of this I thought I’d show you how to wear this trend, minus the awkward stares.

So here we go! let’s start with me. I’m not usually one for the sport styled clothing but for £6 in Primark can you really go wrong with this oversized baseball jersey? it’s made from airtex so is perfect for summer, and i’m not going to lie since I purchased it I’ve had a pretty hard time getting out of it as It’s probably the most comfortable piece of clothing I own.

Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 23.48.51

However, there are quite a few ways to own this trend and I’ve chosen a couple staple items of clothing that will aid you on your way to being a sporty fashionista.

Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 23.49.58This Topshop airtex tee is much like the one I bought from Primark, and fits in perfectly with this trend. Due to these tops being quite long, I’ve taken advantage of this and paired it with some risky wet look leggings. I know what you’re thinking.. and if you’re anything like me, wet look leggings probably aren’t the best idea if you have thighs and a booty but if you are pairing them with a longer top you can definitely pull them off as I have in the pictures above! Work boots work well to break up the outfit and make it less sporty and the acid wash backpack makes a nice change to a normal handbag as well as giving it a different twist.

Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 23.49.47

I’m aware these trainers are pricey but they are so versatile and are perfect for trying out this summer trend. The plain black leggings and simple white vest work well if you want to accessorize the outfit with a bold denim jacket and edgy embellished beanie like those above. I wear outfits like this quite regularly but if you can’t afford shoes like this, don’t worry cause I can’t either.. They have a pair on ASOS that are a fifth of the price and look the exact same, minus the infamous Nike tick. If you are interested, here they are!

Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 00.13.45

ASOS Devious high top trainers £14

Now if you are looking at this post, and you’re thinking what the hell are these outfits I’ve put together then never fear, I’ve created another outfit that isn’t quite as sporty but still maintains some of this trend for you to try out.

Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 23.49.33Now I have to say, that when these wedge trainers first started appearing in shops I did have to laugh a bit cause they looked kind of ridiculous. However, much like a lot of girls that I’ve seen walking around in these, they have grown on me massively and I now really want a pair to call my own.  Paired with a graphic or logo t-shirt and some loose boyfriend jeans they really do look good. This is the minimalist version of the sporty trend and so you can afford to accessorize a little bit more with this outfit, for this reason I have chosen to include a skull embellished clutch bag and a spiked ear chain.

What do you guys think?

Peace xo


Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 12.13.14

1- Wooden deco necklace, £10.

2-Tie dye t-shirt, £20.

3- Denim sleeveless blouse, £20.

4- Western applique jacket, £45.

5- Floral blouse, £20.

6- Patterned jumper, £26.25.

7- Basketball vest, £25.

8- Multicoloured patterned jacket, £26.25.

Rokit has to be one of my favourite online vintage shops, it sells everything from unique accessories and clothing to funky homewares. If you are looking for one off statement pieces I definitely recommend having a browse on their website. They have undoubtedly cool items up for grabs and if you have the confidence to wear something as bright and out their as the pieces above then go for it!

Unlike a lot of online and boutique vintage shops, Rokit sells clothing that come in diverse sizes and is one of the few that sells vintage clothing for curvier shapes. I remember when I first found this website and I thought it was too good to be true, so I made my first purchase and couldn’t of been happier. The delivery time was as advertised and I was surprised with the service considering you are buying vintage clothing you would of thought it would of been more of a hassle due to them only having a couple or one of each item.

The only downfall is that you have to know exactly what size you are as the sizing can be a little awkward so get a measuring tape out and measure your bust, waist and hips to ensure that you order something that fits the way you want it to, I’ve learnt this the hard way with past purchases.

The above pieces are my favourite items from their current stock and I want every one of them! The western jacket is pretty out there but I can’t wait to order it and have it as my own, I mean come on you guys look at the back! ( don’t judge me, I’m aware it has cacti on it..)


The vintage basketball top is perfect for this summer as it fits in with the “sports lux” trend that is circulating at the moment, and the fact that it’s a bit worn and vintage gives the sports trend a different edge.

The same goes with the tie dye tshirt and the bomber jacket, patterns patterns patterns, seems to be the word for this summer’s trends.

Would love to know what you think about Rokit, enjoy guys!

peace xo

Screen shot 2013-05-24 at 22.43.44

With summer fast approaching ( once this dodgy weather decides to disappear), I’ve decided to look at some of the main trends of summer 2013 and show you guys how I would style it for myself. And here they are! bold trends are seemingly in this summer and whilst I’m not one to wear bright patterns, I’m considering making an exception after heading into town today, seeing what’s about and mentally spending the small remainder of my bank account!

So the trends are as followed- Clashing, Grunge, Floral and Monochrome.They’ve been hitting the catwalks recently showing how they are being styled by the likes of Gaultier and Marc Jacobs.

Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 01.32.41

Clashing- For the clashing trend much like the catwalk picture above, I opted for bright patterned trousers to contrast against a bright coloured top. These leggings are gorgeous and are definitely the kind of leggings I would be wearing if I wanted to rock this trend. The pattern despite the colours is extremely versatile and very in fashion at the moment with the colours featured in them. With the top half I didn’t want to go too crazy ( although i’m aware this outfit is already pretty nuts) so I chose a fluorescent pink oversized jumper. I think it compliments the leggings well whilst also clashing against them. due to the high volume of brightness already I didn’t want to do too much damage to your eyesight so i left the accessories and shoes quite simple as the outfit didn’t need much accessorizing.

Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 01.38.27

Grunge- For the grunge outfit I decided to pair a vintage denim jacket with the sandal version of Doc Martens. This is my favourite trend at the moment as it seems to be what most of my wardrobe consists of, I just cannot get enough of clothes that make me look like a homeless pigeon lady. Whilst I know that probably isn’t the brightest thing to admit on a fashion blog I’m quite proud of it! I wear hats quite frequently and beanies are a favourite of mine. I have a lot of grungey-esque vests in my wardobe and I wear them a lot like this outfit. Usually paired with a denim jacket with a hooded zip up underneath and plainish bottoms, hence why for this outfit i’ve used basic black leggings.              Doc Martens are a staple of grunge clothing and are what most people think of when the word “grunge” is used. The sandal versions are slightly more edgy which is why I chose them for this outfit, as I think it gives it a different edge to the usual Doc Marten boots. In terms of accessories I usually wear my favourite necklace ( a DIY necklace made from an old bike chain) and dark red/ burgundy lipstick.

Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 01.37.27

Floral- Due to not being the girliest of girls I decided to create an understated version of the floral trend. Whilst the catwalk outfit is very bright and girly with a slight edge, I probably wouldn’t go for something like that so I wanted to show how the lesser girlier girls could style this outfit. Jumpers are a favourite of mine and are defintely a staple in my wardrobe ( i have way too many!) so I chose to mute the floral pattern by adding a thick cream knit jumper. The skirt despite being floral is actually pretty adorable and I’ve been looking for one for a while now and you can’t exactly go wrong with this one with it being a mere £13. Satchels and cut out boots are very in right now which is why I chose them to accessorize the outfit with. The boots have a cut out style with heavy buckles which add a slight edge to the outfit, without taking the attention away from the skirt. Lovely!

Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 01.38.14Monochrome- This trend is quite an easy one to pull off because it means you can wear almost anything black and white and make it look fashionable. White shirts are a key item in the summer essentials list and can be downplayed with jeans or spruced up with heels and some interesting trousers. For this look I decided to pair them with some disco pants. I own a pair and absolutely love them because they make a change from black leggings ( which yet again I’m guilty of owning too many of) and I think they give it an up to date look. The cardigan is nice because although it’s one block colour the pattern of the knit makes it more interesting and compliments the white shirt underneath well. Once again I chose cut out boots as I just love them! I recently invested in a pair from Office and I can’t bear to take them off, I highly recommend that you invest in a pair if you are looking for a new pair of boots.

Hope you like the outfits guys, I’d love to hear your thoughts one the outfits and trends in this post!

Peace out xo

Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 17.17.04

Pharaoh leggings- £17.45
Pastel green backpack- £24.84
Necklace- £6.71
Bohemian jacket- £31.89
Tie dye sleeveless blouse- £16.11
Bart simpson denim- £22.15
Beaded velvet top- £34.23

If like me you love nothing more than shopping for statement pieces, I’d definitely point you in the direction of the online shopping store – Romwe.
Despite never actually taking the plunge and buying something off of this website, for months I have been ooing and aahing at the extensive list of colourful dresses, printed leggings and gorgeous shirts.
The only downfalls I could possibly comment on is that it is an overseas shop so I can imagine the shipping could potentially be tricky, but I’m hoping to buy something from this website soon, so I shall write a review once that day comes to let you know whether it was tedious or not! The sizing can be awkward to figure out whether you would fit in the items or not, so some pieces you like may be hit and miss if they don’t have your size.
The prices in terms of what you get for your money will also have to be determined when i place an order. However from what I can see you are paying for quality here as each item seems to be well made. For the most part everything on this website is under £50 which is pretty decent when compared to places like Topshop that would probably charge much more for some of the items.
The above items are my favorite pieces that are in stock at the moment.
The muted tie dye blouse is perfect for summer and the mix of tie dye and chiffon is very on trend this summer.
The chain necklace gives a more edgy feel to an ordinary gold chain. The added black piece makes it a more versatile piece of jewellery.
The bart simpson denim shirt is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen and is definitely at the top of my wishlist at the moment. I think to wear it you will definitely have to have some lady balls though… doesn’t look like the type of shirt you see everyday but i will be rocking it this summer no doubt!
The colorful cardigan/jacket is another coveted item in my wishlist at the moment, the colors mean that it could be worn with a variety of items and the slouchy oversize fit is on trend at the moment.
The beaded velvet top at the bottom is perfect for evening wear, it would look perfect with some disco pants or a skirt and is a statement piece that I want to add to my wardrobe!
I’ve seen a lot of people trying out the backpack trend at the moment, and while I admit i have a fair few in my collection right now, this pastel green colour is on trend and perfect for summer.

Like I said earlier on in my post, I will write another review once I have received my order to let you know whether it is worth shopping from here.

Happy browsing and enjoy!


final1 final2IMG_0153-1


Denim jacket- River island men- £25
Cosmic vest- Topman- £22
Disco Pants- Asos- £15
Dr Martens- Ebay- £26
Gold chain- DIY bike chain- free! (woohoo)
Cross necklace- Topman- £2.40
Bracelet- Christmas present


This is quite a casual outfit for me, the vest I bought recently from Topman and automatically fell in love with it. Due to it being a vest meant for men, it has a slightly baggier fit than women’s vests which i really like, without me having to do the awkward thing of buying a size up to get a slouchy fit and then having the scoop neck slouching a bit too much thinking I have a bigger cleavage then I actually have!
The Dr Martens I got for a steal, I wasn’t willing to pay the full £100 for a pair of shoes but I had been wanting a pair for years. I couldn’t believe th
e day I found a seller on Ebay who sold outlet Dr Martens that had been abandoned from the shops for having a tiny scratch on them. So if you don’t mind a miniscule mark on your shoes, this is the way to go about getting a pair without paying a grieving amount of money for them!


For the makeup to go with this outfit, i opted for quite natural eyes but then played it up with a bright lilac lipstick, which matched the purple colours in the vest.

What do you guys think?

Peace out. xo

tiedye1 tiedye2 tiedye3 tiedye4












Tie dye denim jacket- Asos- £39
Chiffon shirt- New Look- £19.99
Collar tips- Asos- £10
Disco pants- Asos- £15
Flatform boots- shoe shop in newport- £17

After buying this badboy, I literally could not wait to raid the wardrobe and  decide what to wear with it. I opted for a more subdued outfit to go with the jacket, as on it’s own it’s pretty wild so I didn’t want to overcrowd it too much by piling copious amounts of colour underneath.

I usually wear a large amount of jewellery but for this outfit i felt it wasn’t really needed. Due to wearing a shirt, i wanted to show off my collar tips so i added those to my shirt. I also decided to wear a hand chain, i feel naked if i don’t have some kind of jewellery on my hands so i stuck with the one.
I always wear a lipstick colour that is featured in my clothes, so for this particular outfit I opted for a dark pinky purple.
Due to me being a complete cheapo and not wanting to spend money on all the lipsticks in the colour of the rainbow I have a special trick I use to creating as many colour lipsticks as you want without having to spend a bomb, i’ll show how to do this in my next post.

Any comments? would love to know what you guys think of the outfit!

peace out xo

Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 19.44.17

First of all let me just address the thoughts you are all thinking… I am fully aware that my new denim jacket is pushing boundaries but I assure you it is just as beautiful in real life as it is on that model. I’ve been finding ways to embrace tie dye for some time now and while I’m aware it’s a mens jacket.. as soon as I saw it, I knew it needed a well deserved place in my wardrobe. I’ll post some images later in the week of how I’m going to style this bad boy.
The printed vest, I purchased from Topman purely because it’s nearly summer and this is the perfect vest for the weather I’m hoping for but we will probably never get.
I wasn’t one hundred percent on the joggers when I first tried them on. It did take a couple of trying ons before I decided to take them to the till, but I’m glad I did. Topshop have a glorious range of joggers in at the moment, once again I’ll being posting pictures soon of how I’m planning on wearing them incase of curiosity.
While I’ve never been one to buy shoes over like £50, I have been surfing the web for weeks trying to find cut out boots. I did find a pair on Asos in my price range but they were unfortunately sold out and currently still are. It seems to me that the ones I like are never made in my size (8 and massive),  so when I found these I splurged. It was naughty but I’m sure I’ll forgive myself in time.

What do you guys think?

Peace out xo